Step 1

  • Contact me, we'll check the date and make a time to catch up
  • We meet, discuss your ideas, my suggestions and I step you through the legals
  • If we're a good match, you sign me up and we complete the FIRST lot of paperwork, lol
  • You pay a deposit and I issue a receipt. Woohoo, you've got yourself a celebrant!
  • I upload your data into the Births, Deaths & Marriages (BDM) online system
  • If there isn't a connection, that's fine, we each go our separate ways. I firmly believe there is a right celebrant for every couple and I'll happily refer some of my colleagues to you.

Step 2

  • I send you my extensive Wedding Kit (a whole lot of resources for you) including my questionnaire and worksheet
  • You let me know what you want (and don't want) in your ceremony - no boring stuff here!
  • I create the first draft of your ceremony for you both to review
  • I make any changes required and we go back and forth until it's exactly what you two want
  • We can arrange to meet again but, either way, this is when we'll set a tentative date for the rehearsal

Step 3

  • We have the rehearsal with everyone involved in the wedding who is able to make it
  • We sign the SECOND piece of legal paperwork

Step 4 

  • I arrive at least 45m prior to the ceremony to set up and check everything is in hand
  • I wave my magic wand and, voila, you're married!
  • With the two witnesses, we sign the final THREE pieces of legal paperwork, the certificates

Step 5

  • I mail all your hardcopy paperwork to BDM within two days of your ceremony, but normally the next day
  • I monitor BDMs website notifying you when your marriage is officially registered and providing you with a link to apply online for your OFFICIAL marriage certificate
  • That's it! Easy huh?